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    A simple and easy to use app with a selection of over 50 easy cocktail recipes to make at home for entertaining or cocktail parties using champagne vodka and liquors and the finest fruit to garnish your cocktails. Some popular favourites like Screwdriver,Harvey Wallbanger, Bloody Mary, Pina Colada,Tom Collins,Pimm's Royal, Bellini,Washington Eagle, Martini,Tequila Sunrise,Singapore Sling,Pink Gin,Dry Manhatten.

    If you want 1000's of cocktails on hand then this app is not for you. We have selected the most popular and easy and quick cocktails to make. Extravagant champagne cocktails simple and easy or vodka cocktails made easy. There are simple and easy instructions to garnish and make your cocktail look wonderful and exotic.

    Keep them handy on your phone and browse them at your leisure. Make them for friends or at your party. Use the in app 'Email my friends facility or 'My party calendar' to help you plan your party or for entertaining at home.Save your favorites to your own page.

    If you have a special favourite and you would like to share it, let us know and we will add it to our next update.

    Enjoy your party.

    * Quick and easy and simple recipes to follow.
    * App allows saving to sd card to preserve internal phone memory.
    * Search facility in app to find your favourites quickly
    * Email your friends within 'Email my friends' facility within the app.
    * Check your dates with 'My party calendar' within the app.
    * 'My notes' page to save and write notes for your cocktails
    * No ads or pop ups anywhere in app.
    * Add your favorite cocktail to the app