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  • Popup Window (72% discount)

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    Number 1 Utilities App^Unclutter your screen, keep your folders and your files tidy, ordered and together with Popup Window.Watch the demonstration video here ▶* This application is a “menu bar app”. The application icon does not appear in “Dock”. Instead it appears in main menu bar. You can change preferences from the icon in the main menu bar.■■FAQ■■Q. The application does not open. It does’t work.A. This app is a menu bar app. App icon does not appear in Dock. It is designed to serve you discreetly without occupying Dock space. The application icon appears in the right part of the main menu bar at the top of the screen.Q. Isn’t there any “Preferences” for this app?A. Yes there are. The menu icon of this app is located in the right part of the main menu bar at the top of the screen. You can choose this app’s Preferences here.Q. It would not let me delete the app.A. Finder does not let you delete an app that is currently running. Quit the app first. To quit the app, choose Quit from this application’s menu in the main menu bar at the top of the screen. (Even though this app may be running, while in stand by, its CPU power usage is almost nothing.)Q. How do I change sort order?A. Press and hold Control key then click a tab. Contextual menu appears. (Depending on device configurations, right-click on mouse or two finger click on track pad may be used.)Q. Great Idea, too slow to be useful — by briankilpat A. Popup Window speed is quite good and acceptable on a slow disk system.^#1 paid Utilities app in Japan Mac App Store#1 grossing third party Utilities app in Japan Mac App Store#3 overall paid third party app in Japan Mac App Store

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