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  • Printer Pro: Convert documents, WebPages to PDF ,Air Printer (50% discount)

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    70% Discount For limited Time .

    App Picker : This app strives to meet all your printing needs no matter what they may be. The goal is to offer a seamless experience so instead of wasting your time moving from app to app you can do everything in one simple and convenient location. The other advantage it gives you is that you can quickly convert documents whenever needed no matter where you may be. You can see why this would come in handy for business, school, and personal reasons.

    Printer and PDF Converter is converting Photos, Pictures, Contacts and Text Messages in PDF and then finds the Print via Air Printer.

    The features of complete version of Printer and PDF Converter

    Easy and fast converting to PDF and Print the documents
    – Documents from iWorks and MS Office
    – Web pages
    – Emails and Email Attachments
    – Photos and Pictures
    – Clipboard content
    – Text Messages
    – Contacts
    – Dropbox content
    -Air Printer

    Share PDFs
    – Via Dropbox
    – Using iTunes File Sharing
    – By EMail

    * Really attractive, super easy to use interface
    * Using "Open In…" approach, print files from many popular online storages: Dropbox, MobileMe iDisk, Docs and other cloud storage applications.
    * Save the following document formats to PDF:
    Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, RTF, RTFD, TXT, HTML, JPG, PNG, Safari webarchive.
    * Merge PDF docs into single PDF document.
    * Mail out documents as email attachments
* Send files to iBook, GoodReader, PDF Reader.
    * WiFi file transfer (Browser or Webdav clients).
    * Drive
    * Box
    * Dropbox
    * Evernote
    * Skydrive
    * Air Printer

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