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  • Puzzle Mania (50% discount)

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    Puzzle Mania provides 10 different types of Puzzle Games!

    Bored with normal Sudoku rules? These puzzle games are a lot more entertaining and enjoyable, providing similar mental exercises.

    Choose among increasingly difficult and big puzzle levels.

    An ideal companion for spare time, with enough variety you are sure to find a game you will love.

    Play through hundreds of levels.

    # Number Flow
    Fill in numbers from 1 to the end. No diagonal paths allowed.

    # Number Flow+
    Fill in numbers from 1 to the end, but diagonal paths are allowed.

    # Islands in the Stream
    Separate the islands by one river.

    # Ripple Effect
    Same numbers cannot be close to each other.

    # Linesweeper
    Draw a ring according to the hints.

    # Mathrax
    Fill in numbers following simple arithmetics.

    # Shaka Shaka
    Draw Triangles to make big rectangles.

    # Tenner Grid
    Fill in numbers to make the correct sums.

    # Heyawake
    Fill in walls so that no three rooms are connected in a straight line.

    # Four Winds
    Draw lines from four directions according to hints.

    **** Puzzle Mania features ****

    # Content
    – 5 different sizes of board
    – 5 difficulty levels
    – 5000 puzzle levels

    # Features
    – Highlight wrong number automatically
    – Autosave the process of unfinished levels
    – Record best completion time for each level
    – Note-taking for complex puzzles
    – option to enable automatically highlight wrong entries

    What’s new

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