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    The wars of the Elf Lords have caused the lands to turn to turmoil and despair. The player will be engaged in a variety of quests to become the QuestLord!

    Players will be able to plan out their attacks or defend from ambushes by standing their ground to skip to the enemies turn or just rush headlong into the fight. Easy screen swiping system allows the player to swing a variety of weapons.

    Classless spell system allows players to win quests on their terms. Choose to keep your spell book in your pack and tank your way to victory while your enemy’s blows come crashing down on your trusty shield. Helmets, Armor, and Amulets are just a few of the items you will find that will keep the game interesting as your player advances toward victory.

    QuestLord also includes expansive territories to travel that harbor more exciting quests to discover. Different character races start in different areas of the world map. This allows for up to three unique introductions and gameplay to the world of QuestLord! Have up to 3 different games playing on any installed app! Games automatically save as you travel the realms.

    Plus with QuickGame you can jump into the Action immediately with an advanced character and get a feel of what the action is like!

    – Dungeon crawling action!
    – Screen swiping combat!
    – Explore vast worlds and over 160 maps!
    – Nonlinear gameplay!
    – Over one hundred NPCs to interact with!