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  • Raven

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    *IMPORTANT* – Requires at least iPad 2, iPhone 4S or newer.

    Super relaxing game where you can fly around with the Raven!

    The main goal is to stay alive and collect as many creatures as possible!

    Flap your wings and fly! (free roaming, no flappy)

    Gameplay Video

    Health up:

    • Drink water
    • Fruits or
    • little critters

    Health lost:

    • Time
    • Colliding with big animals
    • Poisonous mushrooms


    • Touching little critters
    • Collecting Swords
    • Collecting treasures
    • Collecting golden coins from the thief on the horse


    • Tilt left or right to turn
    • Tilt up or down to look up or down
    • Swipe up to move your wings
    • Swipe down to glide
    • The arrow on the left indicates speed
    • To speed up, touch the screen and move upwards
    • To slow down, touch the screen and move down

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    Review by AlexChouls:
    "A strangely compelling experience in a beautiful world. Full of little (and not so little) discoveries as you fly around. Lovely :)"