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    *IMPORTANT* – Requires at least iPad 2, iPhone 4S or iPod touch (5th gen) – or newer.

    Super arcade game where you can fly with the Raven!
    You need to feed on various things to be able to survive.

    WORKS only on iPad Mini, iPad 2, 3 and 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPod touch 5g.

    Review by AlexChouls:
    "A strangely compelling experience in a beautiful world. Full of little (and not so little) discoveries as you fly around. Lovely :)"

    The main goal is to stay alive and collect as many creatures as possible!

    Flap your wings and fly! (free roaming, no flappy)

    Gameplay Video

    Health up:

    • Drink water
    • Fruits or
    • little critters

    Health lost:

    • Time
    • Colliding with big animals
    • Poisonous mushrooms


    • Touching little critters
    • Collecting Swords
    • Collecting treasures
    • Collecting golden coins from the thief on the horse


    • Tilt left or right to turn
    • Tilt up or down to look up or down
    • Swipe up to move your wings
    • Swipe down to glide
    • The arrow on the left indicates speed
    • To speed up, touch the screen and move upwards
    • To slow down, touch the screen and move down

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