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ReceiptBox (60% discount)

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A useful tool that allows you to keep track of your receipts and expenses as well as export them to other formats.

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App description

ReceiptBox is a very easy to use application designed to help you keep track of your receipts.

ReceiptBox is celebrating 10,000 Downloads! 60% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME!

Version 2.0 with export to Excel file.

Video Demo:

Main features * Save and organize your receipts into multiple accounts. * Organize your expense into categories. Create your custom expense categories and keep track how much you spend on each. * Create templates based on existing receipts to reduce data entry on similar records. * Export to Microsoft Excel. * Export-Import your data to a txt file (CSV). * Easy to search for receipts. Print or export your results. * Pie charts and bar graphs for visual representation of how much do you spend per month or per category. * Attach a image snapshot of your physical receipt. Use your iSight camera or select a image file. * Auto-complete during data entry based on VAT number

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