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  • RF Haversine – Radio Link Budget & Path Profile

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    *** Limited Time Offer $2.99 – regular price $6.99 ***

    The RF Haversine (RF Propagation and profile Analysis Tool) bring our experience gained on Radio Propagation to the mobile market.

    RF Haversine is the first application for iPhone and iPad with which you can quickly check:

    – Check the Terrain Profile between two locations (elevation provided by a public server)
    – Calculate radio budget based on terrain profile and radio parameters
    – Calculate earth bulge
    – Calculate DIFFRACTION LOSS (calculating only for the first major obstruction from profile)
    – Calculate attenuation loss for O2 and Vapour (Vapour Density 7.5g/m3)
    – Calculate Fade Margin for different radio availability – based on K region (Rain Fall region – ITU-R PN.837-1)

    • Email the radio link report and KML file
    • Open KML file in other compatible application
    • For the new links you can use your current location, select a point on the map or from history
    • Import new links from CSV
    • Option for Imperial Units
    • Option for Earth Bulge k=2/3 (default 4/3)
    • Option to show 60% Fresnel "marker"

    The RF Haversine analysis covers the range of 35MHz- 48GHz.

    All you need – The tool requires an internet connection for terrain profile.
    No training is required and the grip is immediately.

    The information and the results provided on this software are not a substitute for professional radio planning tool! They are for general information purposes only!