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  • RoboRam Memory Cleaner (50% discount)

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    RoboRam is the new King of the ram cleaner Apps. With RoboRam, in the main popover view, you can control the amount of free and used memory. At any time, just click “clean” button to release the inactive memory, after a few seconds the RAM will be free. With RoboRam you have the ability to view the full statistics simply clicking on the “stats” button; moreover RoboRam show the real time usage as a pie chart on menubar.


    – Optional Status bar icon;
    – Best design;
    – Statistics monitor;
    – Easy to use;
    – Code optimized to require very low resources.

    Can’t you upgrade your mac? Get RoboRam and obtain the same result for your system resources.

    What’s new

    – minor bug fix