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  • SAP HR Certification Exam and Interview Test Preparation: 130 Questions, Answers and Explanation

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    !!! BIG SALE !!! – "SAP HR Certification Exam and Interview Test Preparation: 130 Questions, Answers and Explanation" is an effective test-trainer of SAP HR competency helps beginners and professionals to prepare themselves for certification exams, interview and meetings more quickly by questions which were compiled by SAP HR gurus and organized in a flexible interface.


    The base of questions already consists of 130 questions/answers, which were made by professionals in SAP HR area, who have experience of many years with:

    – certifications and interview;

    – support and implementation;

    – preparing materials for most quickly effective learning

    This App has a useful interface, that allows:

    – analyze the results of each answer;

    – use the history of previous attempts during your re-testing or to run testing only for a your wrong answers;

    – keep track of time;

    – send to us your comments, if you do not agree with the correct answer

    This App will help consultants and trainee effectively to orient and quickly to prepare themselves to pass:

    – HR Certification Exams;

    – Interviews to get a better job in SAP

    This App will help project managers to get a good view of SAP HR, to use it to address key issues.

    This App is a starting point for everyone who works to improve the quality and level of their knowledge in the field of functional and business processes of Human Resources.

    Also, we have developed applications for SAP modules: SD, BW, BI, MM, FI, BO, HANA, FI-AA, IS-Retail. They are available via option «More SAP Certification Apps» in this App.


    – Many years of professional experience consultants SAP HR

    – Around 130 questions and answers to prepare for the certification and interview

    – Simple and user friendly interface

    – Base of questions is constantly supplemented

    – A unique mode for analysis and сorrection of mistakes

    – Option to write a comment to answers and questions

    – Support iPad

    3. IN FUTURE

    We are not going to stop in the immediate plans to expand the base of issues and levels of complexity. Your comments will help us to make a better product for you. Please contact us and we will consider all your remarks in future versions

    In next release

    – More questions

    – Explanation for all questions

    – The various areas of competency

    – Integration with Facebook

    – Educational Materials

    – Release of applications for modules: CO, SOL, WM


    SAP, ABAP, SAP NetWeaver, SAP ERP and other SAP products and services mentioned herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies.


    This application is intended for checking your abilities and level of your knowledge only. This questions are not guaranteed to be asked in the SAP exams, but they could also be helpful in evaluating your progress and preparation towards the real examination.