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    Search IP is the application that allows you to know your Public and Private IP, at the same time you can see if your Mac is connected to the Internet.

    You also have the chance to discover the IP Address of any Web Site or Server and whether a Server or Web Site are online or not by checking its Reachability and finally perform the Ping to a Server.

    [ WHY? ]

    An indispensable tool for engineers and network administrators, but also for computer enthusiasts, in particular to manage your home network or simply for those who want to control the Internet connection from your Mac.
    The application is made with a graphic precision, aimed to provide a quality service.

    • When you open the application you will quickly access the state of the Internet, Public IP and Private IP.
    • Under ‘IP Search’ you can trace the IP Address of a Server from its name.
    • The tab ‘Reachability’ helps you figure out if a Server or Web Site is online or not.
    • Finally, the Ping tab allows you to make the Ping to any Server.

    [ FEATURES ]

    • State of the Internet
    • Public IP
    • Private IP
    • Search Server IP
    • Reachability Server
    • Ping
    • Ease of use


    ▪ Mac OS X 10.8 and later.
    Search IP is also available for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch).


    ▪ English, Italian, Spanish, French, German.

    [ CONTACT US ]

    For help, suggestions or feature requests
    visit the official website: