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  • USB Disk Pro-Protect Photo albums+Videos.Audios Player+Personal Document Viewer+File Share (25% discount)

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    'USB Disk Pro' is an one Hot app on the App Store! She becomes the best choice of millions of customers all around the world!

    ‘USB Disk Pro' turns your iPhone and iTouch into a moveable File Server. And she is very easy to use!

    – Store all kind of your documents, movies, musics, photos and so on.
    – Create, copy, move, delete files and folders.
    – File search, E-mail, MMS
    – share with Facebook/Twitter/Sina Weibo/Tencent Weibo
    – Share files with PC/Mac by USB via iTunes
    – Password protection
    – Share files with PC/Mac by Wi-Fi. Most important, if you have no Wi-Fi, you can also turn on the 'Personal Hotspot', then your PC/Mac connects to 'Personal Hotspot' and opens URL: in your WEB blowser. Also, you have to input the correct login password to login the web server.
    – Share files with other apps on your device