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  • Security Gateway

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    Your Information, Encrypted, Synchronized

    – Password and other information management
    – Store sensitive information in an encrypted and synchronized database
    – No subscription fees
    – Remember only one password, ever
    – Secure your information without having to lock your device
    – Built in web browser with quick access to username and password
    – Keep different types of data separate in unlimited encrypted databases
    – View and use the same list of your Cloud databases in "Security Gateway Desktop"
    – Quick database switching

    Don't pay extra with in-app purchases for Cloud Synchronizing. Its built in with Security Gateway, Security Gateway Desktop, and Security Gateway Desktop 3D.

    Security Gateway will securely store your information on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices making it easily accessible whenever and wherever you need it.
    The information is automatically synchronized in its encrypted form to all your devices through the Cloud keeping each device up to date.
    You only need to remember one password to gain access to your latest information.

    Security Gateway is a Universal application that will run on any iOS version 6.0+ device (iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad).

    The first time you launch the application it will direct you to create a master password or PIN.
    Make sure you remember this password as it cannot be changed or retrieved later.
    Each time the application is launched thereafter you will need to enter this master password or PIN.
    To lock the data simply press the home button. This allows you to hand your device to a friend without the worry that they can view your data.

    This application takes a simple approach to organizing and presenting your information through a clean user interface that is free of distractions or hard-to-understand icons.
    “Secure Entries” will contain your data and are stored encrypted in the database.

    “Secure Entry” fields can be used however you wish. Not all fields will be needed for every Entry.
    Use the Notes field at the bottom to store any other type of text data. Use simple “Categories” to organize your “Secure Entries” any way you wish.
    “Categories” can be assigned a color to better visually organize your data. Store an unlimited number of “Secure Entries” and “Categories”

    You can search “Secure Entries” and “Categories” easily with a search bar at the top of each list.
    Sort your “Secure Entries” alphabetically or by “Category”.

    The user interface on the iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad are very similar to each other so you don't have to learn two different ways to manage your information.

    “Secure Entries” that contain online account information can launch an integrated web browser.
    The browser allows you to simply copy the username and password to be pasted into the website login fields.

    Security Gateway allows you to have more than one database.

    Databases may be set up as a “Local” or “Cloud” database. Each has its own master password. “Local” databases are stored only on your device. “Cloud” databases are synchronized with other devices through your Apple ID. Changes on one device automatically change on all your devices for this database.

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