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  • SG Project Pro 5 (75% discount)

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    The Simple Genius brand means fresh design thinking for practical project management apps. Designed and refined by a veteran Project and Program Manager, the SG apps address real-world needs for managers. And with over 90,000 apps sold in 90 countries, SG is proven and trusted on Mac, iPad, and iPhone. 

    SG Project Pro is the flagship of the SG suite and is the only Mac app that provides a complete project management solution including task-based planning, management of issues, risks, action items, and costs, as well as powerful and beautiful reporting. It excels at managing multiple concurrent projects and team members in ways that no other project management app does. 

    With SG Project Pro you will gain the confidence of being in control and understanding your projects, plus look brilliant to your team, management, and stakeholders. And since the SG apps are carefully designed for ease of use and productivity anyone can use them, while focusing on the project, not the app. 

    Completely redesigned for 2014, SG Project Pro 5 builds on the foundation of success from prior versions of SG and adds many brand new features to make it more usable and powerful than ever. 


    • Manage multiple active projects 
    • Create task schedules with table and Gantt views 
    • Create and manage Issues, Risks, and Action Items for each project 
    • Build custom Work Schedules for projects and tasks 
    • Manage project costs including labor and material costs 
    • Produce customized reports for projects and team members 
    • Email a variety of PDF reports directly to the project team or stakeholders 
    • Share data to and from MS Project using XML files 
    • Share and back up data easily using Dropbox or WebDAV 
    • Share project data with all other SG apps on iPad, Mac, and iPhone 

    New in SG Project Pro 5: 

    • Completely fresh redesign for 2014 
    • See a quick overview of all Projects, Reports, and People 
    • Use built-in SG Sync with no in-app upgrade cost 
    • Track Issues in addition to Risks and Action Items 
    • Create, name, configure, and save any number of Reports 
    • Fine-tune your reports with dozens of new options 
    • Create Multi-Person Reports in addition to Multi-Project 
    • Set and view Task Baseline Start/End/Cost with chart view and reporting 
    • Create all types of task links including FS, SS, FF, and SF 
    • Use new chart gestures including jump-to-task and fit-to-screen 
    • Choose from 3 row heights 
    • Track costs down to the cent 

    If you also use an iPad check out SG Project Pro on the iTunes App Store. SG’s Dropbox integration makes sharing easy between all the SG apps! 

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