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StampOrganizer (50% discount)

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StampOrganizer is an app for Mac specially made for Stamp Collectors. StampOrganizer will help you sort and filter your stamp collection.

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App description

StampOrganizer is a program that allows you to put details of your stamp collection into a database and then enables you to sort and filter the contents of the database.

The program was created with “Stamp Collectors” in mind rather than the dedicated philatelist who would probably require a lot more detail than is recorded by this program.

Minimum Screen Resolution = 1280 x 768

The data recorded for each stamp is as follows:-

Catalogue number Face value Date Issued Colour Type Theme Country Condition Location Perforation (left, top, right and bottom) Width Height Quantity Unit cost price (local currency) Unit selling price (local currency) Image Notes

The data is presented in a table where each row represents a single stamp. Details may be edited directly in the table.

The data is also presented in “form” view where the details of an individual stamp may be edited or a number of stamps may be “batch edited’ all at once.

Selected rows of the table may be printed.

Stamp album pages may be generated from the data.

What’s new

Added a feature where a user defined border may be included on the printed stamp album pages.

Added a feature where user defined margins may be included on the album page creation window. These margins replace the guides in previous versions of the program.

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