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  • Suspension Railroad Simulator 2013 (25% discount)

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    (multilingual version German, English, French, Spanish)

    Experience the unique atmosphere of the Wuppertal Suspension Railroad Simulator!

    Since over 100 years this worldwide unique vehicle connects the whole German city of Wuppertal and transports 82000 people on an average day. Now you can drive with the Suspension Railroad Simulator virtually on the original track.

    – High detailed and realistic Suspension Railroad with original control panels and physics. You can control speed, brakes, doors, lights, wipers and much more.
    -drive on the original complete track with prominent buildings of Wuppertal and all 20 stations

    – connect the control centre in an emergency situation and announce every arrival of a station to the passengers
    – realistic passenger traffic on the stations and in the railroad

    -realistic sounds, recorded in the original suspension railroad

    – weather effects like rain or snow