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  • Table Tennis Touch (75% discount)

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    WARNING – Due to the game's high speed and graphics, you need at least an iPad 2, iPhone 4s or 5th gen iPod touch to play!

    "It’s easily the best table tennis game I’ve ever played … If you don’t like table tennis, this game may convert you. It’s that good." – Cult of Mac, 5/5

    Table Tennis Touch is a fast paced, heart pumping and finger twitching version of the popular table top sport. With its beautiful graphics, epic career mode (including tournaments, leagues, throwdowns and crazy mini-games), Table Tennis Touch is a game that looks and feels like it belongs on a console.

    Table Tennis Touch has no In App Purchases so just buy once, sit back and prepare your finger for some speedy swiping fun!

    Watch the trailer at and see why Table Tennis Touch has been the #1 game in over 25 countries.
    What people say:

    "Table Tennis Touch should be twice as expensive as it is…it's an unbeatable app that deserves your attention."

    Pocket Gamer
    "I'm pretty sure I'm developing a sports injury from playing too much Table Tennis Touch."

    "This is a well thought-out, well-designed, beautiful game. So pick up a paddle and engage your inner Forrest Gump"

    The Sunday Times
    "…will leave your heart pounding and your fingers twitching."

    The Guardian
    "…one of those games you think you'll just dip into every so often, but find yourself playing compulsively on the sofa."

    We've made Table Tennis Touch universal: buy once and play on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch! Your career progress will be shared across all your iCloud devices.

    About us:
    We're just two guys who love table tennis and awesome games. You can read more about us on our website:

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    Older devices:
    We're very sorry but if you have an iPad 1, iPhone 4 or iPod touch 4th gen (or older) we simply can't make Table Tennis Touch run smoothly on your device. We tried really hard but the game play suffered. Table Tennis Touch will not play on these older devices so please do not buy.

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