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  • TapSocial for Twitter and Facebook (40% discount)

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    With TapSocial™, you won’t miss any of your latest Twitter Tweets or friends’ Facebook Status updates as they scroll along your desktop like a traditional news ticker.

    As you multi-task throughout your day, no longer do you need to view Twitter or Facebook in a browser or launch a big application. TapSocial blends in with the dock on your Mac and becomes an integral part of your daily computer use.

    – Twitter: Tweet, Retweet and Reply
    – Facebook: Post, Like, and Comment
    – Include or exclude Twitter Lists and Hashtags from your feed
    – Customize the look of your ticker by changing fonts, colors, speed and more
    – Pause the ticker
    – and much more!

    What’s new

    Fixes a problem with the Twitter API which prevented Tweets from sometimes appearing.