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    "Thesaurus Editor" provides easy access to Thesaurus to help you make your writing

    "Thesaurus Editor"=Browser+ThesaurusDictionary+TrackBall+SearchLauncher
    (TrackBall can position the text cursor and define the text selection)

    – Thesaurus Suggest System (Works Offline)
    – Spell Check System
    – SearchLauncher (GoogleSuggest Support)
    – TrackBall System
    – URL Schemes Support
    – Documents Folder
    – Twitter,FaceBook,Mail

    Default Support Scheme
    ・Google Search
    ・Dictionary (Farlex)
    ・Dictionary (wordnik)
    ・Wikipedia Search
    ・Dictionary (Wiktionary)
    ・Dictionary (
    ・Twitter Search
    ・Google Translate
    ・Yahoo! Answers
    ・Google News Search
    ・Yahoo News Search
    ・Bing News Search
    ・CNET News Search
    ・News Search (Webpronews)
    ・News Search (
    ・Google Image Search
    ・Flickr Image Search
    ・Google Map Search"
    ・YouTube Search

    "Thesaurus Editor" uses Princeton WordNet, Japanese Wordnet,Moby thesaurus.
    – WordNet® 3.0 from Princeton University
    – Japanese Wordnet © NICT, 2009-2012
    – UDBarTrackballItem (c) Uwe Dauernheim