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  • Thumbpics (20% discount)

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    Are you using a DLNA client on a TV or a set top box with media that has missing cover art or poster images? 

    Thumbpics can help you identify and manage them all.

    Supports the standard DLNA 160×160 size thumbs, and custom thumb image sizes.

    Supports custom user overlay images for logos and other images, such as 4K, HD and 3D. You can edit images with flip, nudge, resize, copy, paste, crop, drag and drop. Supported by X, Y and Centre guides.

    Includes an automatic backup feature to transfer your thumbs to your local drive. Has an in application ability to rename, and delete thumbs or their accompanying video or music files.

    Also features direct web title searches to easily locate any missing titles and the ability to open files in an external application.