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  • Ultra Video Camera (75% discount)

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    On sale! Now it’s $0.99 (US dollar).

    Fully utilize your Android camcorder! Ultra Video Camera provides you precise recording settings such as video quality, file format, audio quality, audio import setting (internal mic/external mic/camcorder mic), etc.

    If you are a Nexus 4 or Galaxy Nexus user who wants to record a video with high quality audio or wants to use your external microphone for recording, this camcorder app is for you!

    – There will be more features (i.e. face-front camera) coming (Free update).

    ——To Use an External Microphone——
    1. Make sure under “Setting” “Phone Mic/Headset Mic” is selected.
    2. You will need a headset splitter with 3-pin plug like this:¬†¬†(Not that I’m promoting this cable specifically, but this one should work, for example.)
    3. Insert a splitter and insert a mono microphone (needs to be powered or amplified) and stereo headphones (not necessary; however, for some devices it doesn’t work unless all the input/output are being used).
    4. You can check with the audio monitor to see if it’s receiving sound from the microphone. If it’s not working, I would recommend to unplug/replug-in all the input, check the setting and relaunch the application. You can force close the app/delete the data through the system’s setting–>applications, if you think that it’s necessary.

    ——Known Issues——
    *By default on certain devices, choosing any video/audio codec overrides the sampling rate or the audio bit rate For example, even if you set the sampling rate at 44.1kHz, it may not come out as 44.1kHz). It is recommended to choose any AAC formats over AMR for better audio quality.

    *USB audio is not supported currently.

    * For the existing users: a new bug fix was patched mainly targeting Samsung Galaxy series for the issue that the app crashes. If you were still experiencing such issue, then I would suggest you to either a) Uninstall it and install it again, or b) Go to the Setting–>Application–>Ultra Video Camera and click “Clear data” (This won’t erase recorded video).

    Keywords: Video Camera, external input, external microphone