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  • Free Urban Cow Half Marathon Training Program for Runners (100% discount)

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    This app will help make you a better and stronger runner – at any distance. The Urban Cow Half Marathon app provides you with the three essentials to becoming a better runner: (1) professional coaching to guide you through the workouts, (2) stride-matched music for entertainment, and (3) specificity of the event goal – to run a better half-marathon.

    The app includes 19 different fun and professionally designed "Coached Workouts" that guide and motivate you as you prepare for your race and as your inspirational coach guides you – you get the motivation of your music at your stride rate or cadence.

    The app is developed by three talented professional coaches who you will meet and hear from during the workouts. For more visiting the UpBeat Workouts website ( to read the coaches' bio's. The training plan, designed by ultra- marathoner of the year and race director, Rich Hanna is for beginners to intermediate runners who want to do their first or umpteenth half-marathon.

    Each run workout also provides you with tips, information about the race, and ways to train smarter like using a heart rate monitor in the zones and using "stride-matched" (synchronization) music to keep you on the beat – automatically – hands-free. Music from your playlist synchs with your running and walking steps as us your coach sets the tempo for you. UpBeat, the app, was created by triathlon Hall of Fame member Sally Edwards, best-selling author of two dozen book titles including her two new titles: "Be a Better Runner" and "ZONING, Fitness in a Blink". Listen to Sally and her co-coach Pam Kropf lead you through each run with remarkable energy and enthusiasm.

    How does the app work? First, we provide you with free beats-per-minute of all of the songs in your device. Our server has 10 million songs with BPM data and we tag that to your songs. Then, coach Pam or coach Sally calls out an effort and the music selects automatically music to match that effort. Running is so much easier with synchronization of BPM (beats per minute) with SPM (strides per minute) allowing you to run better and with more enjoyment as you attain your personal goals. This is the first iPhone app to provide you with coached workouts for a half marathon with synchronization.

    Tell all of your running friends about the Urban Cow Half Marathon training app and here's more:

    *** Product support is available on our website ( by phone at 916.481.7283 ext 112 or by email Office hours are 10-4:00 pm PST.

    *** When you first open (and never again) you must have a 3G or wifi connection. That's because Upbeat needs to load the beats per minute data into your iPhone or iPod touch so it can match strides and music tempo – this is required for your first time run and is never required again unless you delete and re-install UpBeat.

    *** We highly recommend an armband, even on a treadmill, for the most accurate strides-per-minute detection from the device's accelerometer.

    *** We strongly suggest you upgrade to the full-featured UpBeat Workouts for $2.99. UpBeat Workouts offers the additional features of "Just Go" which allows you to set fixed-cadence (strides-per-minute) or matched

    UpBeat Workouts

    *** UpBeat Workouts is the platform for the Urban Cow Half Marathon. If you are an event manager or a race director, please contact Sally Edwards, iPhone developer, for information on how to have an iPhone app for your event.