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  • Video for the Web Training from VASST (67% discount)

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    For anyone wanting to post video on the web, whether its existing video or a new production idea, Video for the Web: What You NEED to Know will prove invaluable at every level. With Douglas Spotted Eagle guiding you every step of the way through more than 2 hours of training, you'll learn about Optimizing for High Motion, Rule 508 Compliance, Output Formats, Using Graphics and Photos, Lighting for the Web, and Much Much More…

    This Application Includes:

    – Getting Started
    – Choosing Colors
    – Backgrounds for the Web
    – Production techniques
    – Using ChromaKey
    – Audio Considerations
    – Editing for the Web
    – Titles and Transitions for the Web
    – Using Graphics and Photos
    – Optimizing for High Motion
    – Resizing for the web
    – Rule 508 Compliance
    – Output formats
    – Quick Guide/Summary
    – Camcorder features
    – Progressive Scan/Interlacing
    – Frame Rates
    – Other Camcorder Considerations
    – Lighting for the Web
    – Microphones for the Web

    Application Features:

    – On-the-go playback – no WIFI required after initial download
    – Topic Search
    – Note Taking

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