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    The only utility app you’ll ever need. Timer, Counter, Compass, Flashlight, Stopwatch, Ruler, Spirit Level and Protractor all in one.

    * The Swiss Army Knife of Utility Apps *

    Forget swiping across your iPhone’s Home screen looking for that elusive utility. Access eight amazing tools from one gorgeous interface. No folders, no finding, no fuss. Get things done quickly, easily and in style with Vintage Gadget!

    Turn the Vintage Gadget control wheel to find…

    – Ruler: Accurately measure in inches or centimeters using the edge of your device.
    – Compass: A gorgeous compass face with clear, accurate direction displays.
    – Protractor: Find angles with a drag of your finger and lock them in place with a tap.
    – Counter: Stop counting on your fingers, use just one of them to tap the Counter screen and find your magic number.
    – Timer: Count down from one hour, one minute or any length of time in between using the simple, rotating timer dial.
    – Stopwatch: Hours, minutes, and seconds measured accurately, not to mention beautifully.
    – Flashlight: Illuminate your life with the iPhone's flash and Vintage Gadget’s glowing interface.
    – Level: Achieve perfect balance using the iPhone's in-built gyroscope complete with graphical and numerical readouts

    Why buy eight different tools when you can use one beautiful app?

    Download Vintage Gadget now and save 50%!