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  • Warrior Chess (33% discount)

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    Welcome to the world of Warrior Chess!

    Game Features Include:

    * Interactive 3D, zoom and pan around board
    * 2 Player Mode!
    * 99 AI difficulty settings, from easy to difficult.
    * Timed games from 5 minutes to 59 minutes.
    * 2nd camera mode to focus on the piece you are currently playing.
    * Stuck?, use the move hint generation feature.
    * Undo & Redo moves, even after Checkmate.
    * Show all the moves for the current game
    * Using Undo/Redo, walk through all the moves.
    * Restart a completed game from any previous point and play again.
    * Save & Load games, to be replayed / analysed or finished later
    * “How to Play” chess tutorial showing all the moves
    * Support for “Castling”, “En Passant” and “Pawn Promotion”