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  • Wireless Headphone (40% discount)

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    This application converts your Android smartphone to a wireless headphone receiver. This is one of the best Android apps for real-time audio streaming. As each wireless headphone needs a transmitter, for this app to work you need to download and install the transmitter app from ATECLabs website at click on the products page. 
    Simply install the transmitter app on your windows laptop that has WiFi. Then connect your TV’s headphone jack, or any other device with a headphone jack to the microphone jack of your laptop. Then start this app on your smartphone and listen to the audio coming out of TV or your audio device. The delay of the audio relative to video is minimal and negligible. One of the main advantages of this app, is its simplicity. It is just a plug and play app so you do not need to find the server IP address, or change an audio buffer size. Everything is done automatically and in a smart way. If you have any questions or comments we would love to hear from you.