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    Worktime Radar is a simple to use time tracking application that include all needed futures to track your working time correctly, making monthly, daily reports and photo notices.
    All your reports and settings are backup-ed on email and are easy to restore.It has an friendly user interface and a good graphic design.

    Features :

    Manually Start and Stop time tracking.
    Creating report log for every tracking.
    Calculates your ordinary and extra working hours
    Editable and dynamic reports.
    Automatic Start and Stop time tracking from / to setted hours in mentioned woking days.
    Password protection option to prevent unauthorized access to your data.
    Backup/Restore all your data and settings to/from email (very easy)
    Making pictures from the application as daily notices.


    Feedback form – if you have any feature idea, suggestion please send us an feedback from the application.

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